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Insomnia …
Wherefore art thou at my quest,
when all I honestly intended was rest?

April 19, 2017, at 3:00


A little rain

I’ve always loved haikus, limericks and all short poetry.  This one I wrote in Grade 8 (at 14 years). It was an assignment from a teacher, who is now a colleague and reads this blog. The few drops of rain we’ve had reminded me of this poem.

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Real World Relative

Sometimes reality is dubious to me.

Hennie Aucamp has a beautiful poem called ‘n Buurman Digteby (a close neighbour).  The poem describes the presence of a ghost, presumably the awareness of death by whom we are all followed throughout life.

At times I’ve wondered if that ghost always stays in its place.

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My shrink se kat

This category is called “Poemish” because I don’t think of what I write as poetry.  I fear calling it that might be too arrogant. 

However, this is one attempt of which I remain proud and fond – and I’m as unable as unwilling to change my feelings.

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Mini USB, how do I hate thee?

Far be it from me to insult the great Elizabeth Barrett Browning but I remain perplexed as to why, why, why companies ever chose to torture us with the mini USB. I should add it is, in fact, the micro USB that is the truest source of my frustration. At the time of writing “mini” just worked better.

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