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Build A Beacon to Happiness

Yesterday, I spent my day reading psychology and despite experiencing valuable insights I also felt profound sadness. When looking deep into the soul, it is never hard to find imperfections and cracks, and the discovery can be overwhelming – even if you do learn from it.

None of us is whole. Life leaves its scars on all of us.

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Unpleasant Truth



There is a long list of entries I would still like to add to this blog – and this one isn’t on it – but, as it turns out, this is what I’m writing now.

Currently, I’m sorting through half-written short stories, a few poems and some loose ideas. Among my notes, I found something my shrink had told me to read, months and months ago,  which I had forgotten about.

It was a simple Google Keep note, made on my phone originally, instructing me to read what Freud had written on narcissism in 1919. 

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Mental Health Gripes: The Far Side

Mental Health Gripes: The Far Side

After my somewhat scathing remarks on mental health in South Africa only partly and incidentally directed at the medical professionals – it is the system I’m trying to reflect upon – it seems only fair to also highlight the difficult plight of the shrinks.

personality disorder
Mental Health Gripes: The Far Side

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More Mental Health Gripes

The Mental Health Paradox in Treatment


Remember Jack Nicholson in “As Good as it Gets” asking the doctor how he (the doctor) could diagnose him (Nicholson) as obsessive compulsive and then blame him for storming into the doctor’s office?

This post has been updated. 

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Mental Health in South Africa

Mental Health in South Africa

As imperfect as the patients 


Please Note: This post has been updated since original publication. 


Promoting a healthy lifestyle has become very popular, and on the surface, it seems all good.

But as they say: eat healthy, stay fit and die anyway.

Even cancer is now called a “lifestyle disease” although anyone seems to get it – especially those genetically prone to it.

Yet, I’ve never heard anyone make a “healthy lifestyle” comment to the face of a cancer patient.

Despite campaigns to lessen the stigma surrounding mental health, the entire system – and everyone in it – has one bloody long way to go – not just in losing the stigma, but also in reaching effective treatment.

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