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Hey, how-zit, Huawei

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything—so long it seems I deleted the bookmark to the login page.  Without digressing too much I want to go on record and predict that, sometime in the not too distant future, password anxiety should be listed in the DSM-5.

Ironically, just as I discovered the value of simplicity, things beyond my control became increasingly complicated.

This lament is just a general remark. In fact, I am disappointed about the soured relationship between Huawei and the USA—the issue prompting this post.

Suddenly an interesting conundrum regarding the choices available to consumers has become more perplexing to me than before.

I’ve long been a fan of Gregg  Easterbrook’s book “The Progress Paradox”.

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Wilted Flowers

“Have you been quiet?” a colleague recently asked, “or have I missed something?”

Referring to my blog, he was, of course. This was very shortly after my philosophical rant about Afrikaans poetry … something I’m glad to have rediscovered (at least in part) this year.

(But that is a next post, in Afrikaans and dedicated to my Grade 9s.)

Here is something I’ve long been interested in: Ruin Photography.

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Imaginary Letter

To those who don’t know, I’m not much of a believer.  I try to respect the opinions of others and am in favour of religious freedom. However, sometimes I cannot help to be dumbfounded by current events and I use this blog as my little voice.

As often, my aim here is satirical. I don’t intend to convince anyone of my point of view. I oppose the idea of doing so.

If you are an easily offended Christian, it might be better not to read the rest of this post.

Also, please note, when I use the term “God” I think of a concept or even a character from literature, not a person.


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Why nothing is about to change

“Why don’t you blog about Zuma?” my sister asked.

Here is why.

On Sunday night I watched Carte Blanche‘s viewer poll suggesting 90% of the viewers thought the latest cabinet reshuffle was the last straw.

Unfortunately, I doubt it was. I will lend my support to #BlackMonday and April 7 stay-aways just in case, but I don’t believe anything is about to change.

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