I am

Female, thirty-something (although not much longer), fairly confused and making my way through this crazy world. Writing enhances my emotional well-being.

This blog is just an experiment.

I always reserve the right to change my mind.

Some posts have been recategorized as private.

Written by Karen Dowd.


Please Note:

  • Satirical Stutter is, in essence, a personal and satirical blog. The aim of satire is to be humorous and to inspire change; even change within myself.
  • Satirical Stutter does not aim to insult, defame or harass anyone, nor should anyone not directly mentioned by name, assume him/herself to be connected to the content of any entries.
  • The name Karen Dowd is a writer’s pseudonym.


This part is not a joke. I am an organ donor.


  • Satirical Stutter and Karen Dowd support Organ Donation.
  • If you die, why not leave your usable parts?
  • While you’re alive donate blood.
  • Consider donating a kidney – you only need ONE of the TWO you have.



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