Build A Beacon to Happiness

Yesterday, I spent my day reading psychology and despite experiencing valuable insights I also felt profound sadness. When looking deep into the soul, it is never hard to find imperfections and cracks, and the discovery can be overwhelming – even if you do learn from it.

None of us is whole. Life leaves its scars on all of us.

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Unpleasant Truth



There is a long list of entries I would still like to add to this blog – and this one isn’t on it – but, as it turns out, this is what I’m writing now.

Currently, I’m sorting through half-written short stories, a few poems and some loose ideas. Among my notes, I found something my shrink had told me to read, months and months ago,  which I had forgotten about.

It was a simple Google Keep note, made on my phone originally, instructing me to read what Freud had written on narcissism in 1919. 

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Six pack on a Saturday

A colleague recently told me she reads my blog because it’s “entertaining” and “cheaper” than a well-known South African magazine.  

Needless to say, I took it as a compliment. Also, I now feel fairly obliged to keep providing the reading material – which is not a problem. I love writing.

Herewith a story I wrote in 2014.

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Kicking the Kidney – Part 4

Kicking the Kidney – Part 4

And Flying Blood


When I started writing this blog, I worried that no one would ever read it. Now I’m starting to feel a tad concerned about who does. These feelings are probably normal once you’ve posted photos of your own urine online … (My boss is perfectly computer & internet literate!)

For the sake of clarity, this is another kidney post. A lot still has to happen and I want everyone to understand that.

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"We couldn't all be cowboys, so some of us are clowns" Counting Crows