Dear Springboks

An open letter to the Springboks, from the fans.

Bye, bye Boks
Bye, bye Boks


Dear Springboks


Things have not been the same between us for a long time now.

We’ve been unhappy for too long. It just cannot go on this way. We used to love you, but it now seems very long ago.

Pat, you are cute, but you’re not even always in the team. Maybe you can try modelling.

To be honest, Adriaan, we’ve never really liked your hair.

Allister, we know that your soothing voice will be ideal for reading children’s stories on educational radio programmes. We hope you can find your place in the world.

Eben and Lood, somewhere at a shopping mall there must be an old lady looking for someone to carry her grocery bags to her car.

It’s been such a long time Willie, Damian, Bryan, since you have truly satisfied us. We have needs, you must understand.

We have tried to believe in you, but we just cannot do it anymore.

Even for the sake of the kids, it is better that we now go our separate ways.

Please understand, it is not us, it’s you.



Your (Former) Fans


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