Imagine donating your organs

Imagine this …


You could save seven lives when you die


If you could give permission for your death, which is inevitable anyway, to save seven lives, wouldn’t you do it?

This part is not a joke. I am an organ donor.

I would and I have which is why I’m a registered organ donor with the Organ Donor Foundation.   I’m registered in South Africa, since it happens to be where I live, but similar organisations exist all over the world.

Imagine becoming an Organ Donor

Most people don’t like to talk or even think about death, but being an organ donor is one way of making your death meaningful. Sure, if you live until you’re extremely old, you might have few usable organs left. In that case, I donate my body to scientific research – if it’s wanted/needed.

The fact is, we don’t know when we die. Making sure you are a registered organ donor and telling your friends and family are the best steps you can take right now.

Imagine the crime of burying organs, which could save the lives of others, in a casket under the ground where it will slowly decay. It is nothing but a waste.

Organ Donation

Science has made it possible. Now you have to declare your permission.

Becoming a potential organ donor makes us aware of looking after our health because some of our parts could outlive us.

So often we think of ourselves as locked in, trapped within our own bodies. Indeed, changing your body is a long and difficult process – if you watch this space you’ll soon learn more about my experience.

However, it is time to accept that some of your “parts” might outlive you.

Will you accept that challenge?


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