Springboks: Who’s to blame?

Springboks get macaroni in Italy:

Who’s to blame?


The Springbok Death

Although attributing blame is hardly ever constructive during a crisis, it’s still fun.

Let’s think out of the box and ask ourselves, who is to blame?

These are again Multiple Choice, which in this case, means that you may choose as many options as you please.

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Springbok Rugby Supporters: Let’s Vote

Springbok Rugby – Let us vote


Let’s face it: it’s a bad time to be a Springbok supporter. As we await what has an excellent chance of being an embarrassing defeat against Italy (please, please let me be wrong), let’s consider our options:

To consider options, of course, one would have to have options in the first place … and we don’t, but I like to make things up as I go along.

So here are my few options for us as Springbok supporters. Note that I don’t pretend to offer a solution to the Boks’ woes. If I had that the matter would be different. These are options to us in lieu of a solution:

It’s multiple choice:

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