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After all sorts of ramblings, black T-shirts, black Mondays, rowdy Fridays and what not … we still haven’t managed to get rid of our honourable president.

Fear not! We already have plans A, B, C, D and E.

It’s multiple choice … because people in this country are not big on, you know,  agreeing with each other.

I emphasise – in the strongest possible terms – all these are merely suggestions. Read at own risk. 

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Why nothing is about to change

“Why don’t you blog about Zuma?” my sister asked.

Here is why.

On Sunday night I watched Carte Blanche‘s viewer poll suggesting 90% of the viewers thought the latest cabinet reshuffle was the last straw.

Unfortunately, I doubt it was. I will lend my support to #BlackMonday and April 7 stay-aways just in case, but I don’t believe anything is about to change.

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