Wayward Visitor








wayward visitor

an ode to the bee

checking your
cellphone—I bet
you were taking a left
that should’ve been right

Was it a daydream, an
unexpected gush of air, a
lack of sleep or driver’s despair?

the marvel
of an open window
adjacent to your tree
which brought thee, through
a porthole to the dimension of me

to your daily quest, to
briefly become my guest

and now,
to practise what I preach, you
see, I, nonchalantly, continue to teach
despite desperate repression: my collarbone
tickling under the bee-examination of your perplexed
paws, yet your exploration fruitlessly finds not flower, but flesh

where I, another selfish
human, have deliberately dabbed
a fragrant imitation of your intended destination

Guilty, I stand–
my muscles frozen
belying the danger my
abhorrent species ever pose to
your buzzing pursuit, my wayward visitor,

until you abandon me


April 29, 2018







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