The atheist and the preacher’s wife

Heed the warning. The following contains profanity.

Let in all, always and all ways, let the Irish be Irish.

The atheist and the preacher’s wife


The atheist and the preacher’s wife
met at the most inopportune fork in the road of life
time and space contracted
God’s script redacted
in all that remains irony is rife

So God has called the preacher to the mountain
does he know there is no fucking fountain?
the atheist had written about the sun
when the preacher’s decision had long been done
she’d been number five but God wasn’t countin’

who knows now what will come
wisdom or devilry and then some
at last, fuck that shit
jump this ship
all pain will be numb

Mother city of mountainous loss
dues indeed unpaid: bring forth thy cross
henceforth bless thy sunbeam
leave me in darkness unseen
any day forth death remains the well-deserved toss.



11 September 2017

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