The moon tonight

Lately, I’ve been keen to do a bit of night photography, but we’ve had clouds on most days and the fuller the moon, the more difficult to get the stars. The solution: photograph the moon.

“Too high. Too far. Too soon. I saw the crescent. You saw the whole of the moon.”  Waterboys

I often think about the lyrics of that song.

Recently my sisters and I discussed getting matching tattoos.

We decided my elder sister would be the sun (it relates to her name), my younger sister a star and I would be the moon. This is because I’m the lunatic in the family; I don’t even take offence.

Unfortunately, I’ve not come across any pictures of a moon tattoo that I like … and I’ve wondered if it should be the crescent or the whole of the moon. The symbolism attached strikes me both ways. Again, I’m undecided.

Will we ever really get those sisterly tattoos? Only time will tell.

These pics are also, as always, for my cousin and a neighbour who appreciate the beauty of the moon with me.



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